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The APWO is a brand wishing to impact and change peoples’ lives towards sustainable self-reliance. Influencing people not to lose hope but to APWO and claim their place and space in all spheres of life through information, empowerment, skills development and providing the necessary resources and mentorship. Afghan Public Welfare Organization (APWO) is non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization, established in 1989.

Our focus is to mobilize communities towards sustainable and responsible development. At APWO we believe in transformation from poverty to hope, obstacles to opportunities, and from oppression to triumph.

The main aim of APWO is to serve the oppressed and needy people and have active participation in reconstruction and development of the war-torn country Afghanistan.

Main activities of APWO are resettlement of returnees and IDPs, delivery of basic services to the people of concern vulnerable, relief operation, peace awareness, environment improvement, potable water, irrigation, agriculture and education facilities to the person of concern.

APWO has partnership with UN agencies since the past 30 years, this organization is committed to common humanitarian goals and core values of the donor agencies.

APWO has very good performance record of transparency and accountability with the society, NGOs community and donors.

Main donors of APWO are UNHCR, WFP, FAO, UNOPS, UNICEF, Japan NGOs (JVC, Peace wind and AAR Japan).


To have a self-sufficient Afghanistan with the collaboration of all segments of the society without discrimination and to advocate for the protection of rights of all people to help meet their basic need and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.



To create an environment in which men and women are able to improve their standards of living through equitable and sustainable use of resources.

APWO performs its activities in full consideration with the humanitarian principles which are:

a) Humanity;

b) Impartiality;

c) Neutrality;

d) Independence;

e) Voluntary service;

f) Unity; and

g) Universality



Objectives of APWO are as follows:

1- To provide shelter and other services to Returnees and IDPs.

2- To Provide Safe Drinking and Irrigation Water to the needy people.

3- To provide basic health and education facilities to the people.

4- To improve living standards of the people through improving livelihood and environment in their residential areas.

5- To reach out to the most vulnerable during emergency and crisis.

6- To support the poor stratum through connecting them to the markets.